• Gideon Elkayam, Belgium

    Gideon Elkayam, Belgium

    Mr. Gideon Elkayam is the founder, owner and C.E.O since Obelis' foundation on September 27, 1988

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  • Marta de Oliveira Ferreira, Portugal

    Marta de Oliveira Ferreira, Portugal

    Marta de Oliveira Ferreira is the General Manager and Technical Director of inovapotek, a spin-off company of Oporto University proving R&D, testing and consulting services to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.
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  • Peter Bursch, Germany

    Peter Bursch, Germany

    Qualification of Expert for Safety Assessment
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  • Sandra Ferretti, Belgium

    Sandra Ferretti, Belgium

    With a near to 20 years of employment at Obelis s.a. as Chief Compliance Officer, Sandra Ferretti  has a unique expertise in European regulatory affairs both in cosmetics and medical devices fields. Her specialties: Regulatory affairs, cosmetics, medical devices, responsible person, authorized representation, quality assurance, policy making, European associations representation, company law, social law, business administration, public subventions.
  • Zoran Gavric, The Netherlands

    Zoran Gavric, The Netherlands

    Zoran Gavric is the owner and director of The Regulatory Company. 
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  • Helena Kandarova, Slovak Republic

    Helena Kandarova, Slovak Republic

    Helena's main field of interest is the development of in vitro methods for reduction & replacement of in vivo tests for topical toxicity testing
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  • Dimitrios Melissos, Greece

    Dimitrios Melissos, Greece

    Chemist MSc, Board Member of the Greek Society of Cosmetic Scientists. Founding Member of ERPA European Representative Person Association. Appointed member in the E.C. Risk Assessment Pool of Scientific Advisors.
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  • Joëlle Meunier, Belgium

    Joëlle Meunier, Belgium

    Pharmacist, Head of division a.i. Food supplements and Cosmetics.
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  • Vera Rogiers, Belgium

    Vera Rogiers, Belgium

    Vera Rogiers is Chair of the Pharmaceutical Institute and Head of the Department of ‘In Vitro Toxicology and Dermato-Cosmetology’ in the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacyat the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
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  • Matteo Zanotti Russo, Italy

    Matteo Zanotti Russo, Italy

    Owner and founder of Angel Consulting SAS, leading the team of experts in all fields for cosmetic issues
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  • Dimitris Sambanis, Greece

    Dimitris Sambanis, Greece

    Chemical Engineer, graduated from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers in France. Long experience in the production of cosmetics, household and personal care products.
  • Rob Taalman, Belgium

    Rob Taalman, Belgium

    Science and Research Director, – Cosmetics Europe - Brussels.  Rob received a degree in Cell biology and a PhD in Human Genetics and Pediatrics from the University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands) in 1987.
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  • Charilaos Tsitouris, Greece

    Charilaos Tsitouris, Greece

    Chemist, Certified Lead Auditor, postgraduate studies at the Paris 7 University. Business Development Manager at QACS Ltd laboratories.
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