Faculty and Expertise

Decision Makers at CRCC2016
  • Civil Servant at a Member State
    • CRCC is excited to have a senior representative of the Belgian Ministry of Health
  • Members or participants at EU Commission Working Groups     
    • All our congress speakers participate in different EU Commission Working Groups
Our team of speakers are all directly involved in the law making aspects regarding cosmetics

CRCC 2016 has contact with all the EU Commission Civil Servants and Member State Civil Servants and our first congress we are gathered together a very balanced and interesting group of speakers:
  • Civil Servant at a Member State representative - She is very much respected by the EU Commission and among her other Member State colleagues
  • The Academia, a very distinguish representative of the academia Prof. Vera Rogier 
  • Cosmetics Europe top management representative
  • ERPA members which all of them participate at different EU Commission Working Groups, like:
    • EC Working Group - CosCom 
    • EC Working Group on borderline products
    • EC Working Group on Claims 
    • EC Working Group on cosmetovigilance 
    • CPNP Maintenance Working Group 
    • CPNP - Notification containing nanomaterials (ART. 13) Working Group
    • The Nagoya Protocol Working Group
Sub Working Groups
  • New Cosmetic Subgroup on Correction of Annex III – this one completed the work
  • Preservatives
CRCC 2016 is confident that attendees will learn from all our speakers in the subjects that they will represent. Presentations will cover new and most actual information available.